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CSI (Customer Satisfaction Indexing) is a systematic program for monitoring business performance by gaining feedback from your customers. Properly done, the results are powerful tools for the marketing and management of your business. How important is it that you know what your customers are doing? Consider these facts about your customers:

  • Repeat and referral business typically accounts for 60-90% of revenues

  • It costs 10 times more to obtain a new customer through marketing than to retain current customers

  • For every complaint you hear about, there are likely 26 similar complaints, six of them serious

  • The average disgruntled customer tells 17 people about his experience. How many people will those people tell?

For greatest effectiveness, CSI should be done on a consistent and ongoing basis, and administered by a third party for the highest level of credibility. Most of all, the program should turn customer feedback into useful marketing and management tools that insure long term profitability. That's where CSi Communicator comes in.

CSi Communicator Mission Statement

CSi Communicator intends to become the leading provider of credible and actionable market research and information services to the automotive retail and service center industries by providing technologically superior services to its customers. CSi Communicator will achieve and maintain the industry’s highest standards of quality, service and integrity in its operations and in its relationships with its customers, partners, investors and employees.

CSi Communicator Company Philosophy

Good business relationships are built on trust and understanding. As a potential vendor, our first responsibility to you is to understand your business objectives and then determine how we can be a valuable asset promoting your long-term growth. In all of our business units we strive to adhere to the following principles:

  • Take an active interest and truly care about the people you do business with

  • Add value to the products and services you provide for your business partners

  • Support your promises with outstanding customer service and account management

  • Back up your business plans with commitments and resources
  • Develop information that is reliable, accurate, and credible

  • Adhere to delivery times

  • Be creative in looking for ways to grow with business partners

  • Receive feedback and be flexible enough to make changes based on clients' needs
  • Strive to improve your product, service, company, industry and community

We are proud of our track record of satisfied clients and look forward to working with you!

Commitment to You and Our Industry

We are philosophically committed to improving our industry with our own products and services as well as trade association participation. We believe in backing up our philosophies with actions, which is why we have been the most active CSI company in the industry in the past several years.

For example, we are active members of industry organizations such as TIA, AOCA, NABC, ASA-Ohio and SCRS. We support I-CAR. We typically attend several trade shows per year, including SEMA.

Communication Services Provider (CSP)

As a "CSP", CSi Complete Communicator, LLC offers the most advanced communication tools available for delivering information and surveys and for receiving mission-critical feedback. More importantly,we provide ongoing help and support so that you can take full advantage of this powerful data and using these tools. Our staff has specific expertise in putting communication technologies to work for you. At CSi Complete Communicator, LLC, we have the highest reach rate for survey in our industry.

Our communication platform, CSi Communicator, delivers, receives, tracks and reports communications between your company and your employees, customers, clients, suppliers and others, as required. Our communication services include message broadcast, automated survey and call-in message center. Information is delivered to email addresses, home, business or cell phones, fax machines or PDA's. Additionally, individuals can contact CSi Communicator at any time to receive information proactively through the in-bound Message Center.

Multi-Modal, Interactive Messaging and Survey

It's hard to say it fast, but Multi-Modal, Interactive Messaging and Survey simply means that you can "say or write it once and send it anywhere."How critical to your company's success is the ability to communicate quickly, consistently, effectively and affordably - and to reach people in precisely the manner that would be best for them? A growing number of organizations use CSi Communicator to address their challenging communication needs.